Premium Sheep Placenta Protein Yeast Essence Face Serum Anti Aging Reduce Saging Wrinkle Booster Antioxidant Skin Beauty Health

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Brand Name: MICILNK

Gender: Female

Number of Pieces: COMBO

Origin: Mainland China

Formulation: Liquid

Feature: Anti-Aging

Item Type: face serum

Country/Region of Manufacture: CHINA

Certificate Number: 20160694

Ingredient: Sheep placenta ,Collagen


Certification: GZZZ

2ml*60PCS Premium Sheep Placenta Amouple Essence

SHEEP PLACENTA This is compatible with our human skin as well as absorbs faster. It helps revitalize our old skin cells to work, plus function more effectively to keep our face well and placenta contains a lot of nutrients. Also, can be used for many medical purposes. This product also has incredible anti- aging properties, which can be beneficial for women who want to reduce the visibility of fine lines plus wrinkles on their skin and keep their skin looking younger plus radiant. Placenta cells help our complexion be firmer, softer, supple, and healthier. Overtime, as we age, our complexion starts to sag because new skin cells are not made as much as it used to when we were younger. This serum helps to revive, renewing our face, plus repair the elasticity of our skin with regular use of this cream. Often known as this miracle ingredient, because it moisturizes, repairs and restores the youthful radiance of our complexion and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on our complexion. It maintains the suppleness also firmness, while promoting the usual renewal, plus repairs our cells. The results would appear within several weeks. How does it work This product is created from the placenta of sheep, which can give our complexion a lot of benefits. Sheep placenta is enriched with nutrients and is usually gives more beauty and skincare benefits than a human placenta. The benefits of placenta to our face are: reduces the appearance also signs of aging. It also contains a protein that aids to stimulate elastin plus collagen production on our face, keeping it supple and radiant.

What is ampoule ?

skin ampoules are supercharged serum with higher concentrate of active ingredients. Much like a shot of your serum. You can only use them for a finite amount of time. While serums target specific skin concerns, ampoules tackle crisis situations. Like a doctor's prescription, ampoules don't make it on your regular routine. But for a short period of time.

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Premium Sheep Placenta Protein Yeast Essence Face Serum Anti Aging Reduce Saging Wrinkle Booster Antioxidant Skin Beauty Health
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