Kojic Acid Skin Care Set 7 Day Whitening Freckle Removing Facial Wash Face Cream Sunscreen Soap Body Cream Facial surem toner

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Brand Name: GUANJING

Origin: Mainland China

Gender: Female

Use: Face

Certificate Number: 20170922

Shelf Life: 5 years

Model Number: GJ7161-66

Item Type: Cream

Feature: Moisturizing

Ingredient: Kojic Acid

Country/Region of Manufacture: CHINA

NET WT: 200ml

Facial Wash: 100g

Face Cream: 50g

Sunscreen: 80g

Soap: 120g

Body Lotion: 230g

Kojic acid series products

01.Face cream 02.Soap 03.Sunscreen
04.Facial Wash 05.Lotion 06.Face Serum
07.Essence Toner 08.Deodorant Roll-on

Kojic acid

Kojic acid can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in the human body, inhibit pigment deposition on the skin, and have whitening and freckle removal effects

This series of products is mainly composed of kojic acid
Different products will add special essence to strengthen the effect

01 Face Cream

Net: 50g (add:Vitamin E Rose Hip oil)
This cream is enriched with whitening ingredients and multiple plant extracts to refresh without oiliness, deeply nourish, improve and repair damaged skin,mildly whiten, fix wrinkles, spots and acne scars in a safe and effective way, prevent pigmentation and minimize pores, leaving the skin long-lastingly bright,elastic and moisturized.

02 Soap

Net: 120g (add: Coconut Oil Tea Tree oil)
This product is enriched with kojic acid and a variety of plant extracts to rapidly whiten, brighten skin, keep moisturized and wellhydrated and effectively fix dark spots and uneven skin tone, leaving the skin fair,soft and smooth all day.

03 Sunscreen

Net: 80g (add: Vitamin c Green Tea)
Not:This sunscreen is a concentrated version with whitening ingredients added. Before use, please moisturize the skin and avoid squeezing out too much. Excessive use can cause whitening molecules to be unable to be absorbed by the skin, resulting in the appearance of white powder.

This product with a moist texture has uniqueeffects on sun protection, moisturization and repair, effectively protects skin from UVA/UV Bdamage, hydrates and keeps moisturized and transparent.

04 Facial Wash

Net: 100g (add: Aloe Vera Olive oil)
This mild and refreshing product offers the delicate and dense foam, deeply cleanses pores, absorbs grease, dirt and makeup residues, repairs damaged skin, reduces wrinkles, promotes antioxidant generation, effectively prevents acnes and comedos and protectsskin, leaving it bright, moisturized and tension-free.

05 Lotion

Net:230g (add: collagen Shea Butter)
This product is enriched with whitening andmoisturizing ingredients that rapidly infiltrate into the cuticles, remove melanin, improve the dull, sallow and uneven skin and enhance its whitening ability, keeping fair, smooth, moisturized and elastic.

06 Face Serum

Net:40ml (add:Nicotinamide and Grape Leaf Extract )
Effectively absorbs free radicals fromthe body,activates skin cells, helpsremove melanin, resists aging, oxidation and Uv, refine wrinkles, removesacnes, whitens and causes no irritation to skin.

07 Essence Toner

Net:100ml (add: Ceramide NP and Rosa Rugosa Extract)
This product is enriched with multiple moisturizing factors to mildly regulate theskin's moisture and oil, effectively replenish nutrients, improve dryness,Soften cuticles, minimize pores, lightenacne scars,soothe and repair skin,leaving it soft, refreshed and elastic.llt can be used for wet skin.

08 Deodorant Roll-on

Net:50ml (add: Lactic ACID and Alpha-Arbutin)
This product is enriched with a variety of whitening extracts to rapidly and effectively fade thedull underarms,whiten skin, effectively removeodor,moisturize and keep the skin fresh & soothed with a pleasant fragrance.

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Kojic Acid Skin Care Set 7 Day Whitening Freckle Removing Facial Wash Face Cream Sunscreen Soap Body Cream Facial surem toner
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